Welcome to My New Website

Hello and Welcome the the new home of Inside The Mind Of Matt. This site is under construction and will be evolving as I figure out wordpress. Just another thing added to the list of things I’m learning. So keep coming back, please Subscribe to my channel, like and share my videos with your friends and family (never know who might like my content) and if you can support my channel by using any of the following links  

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  1. John Emery

    Howdy Ben, I always look forward to your videos and love your new work space.

    1. matt

      Thanks but who’s Ben?

  2. DAVE

    Brilliant… I enjoy watching your video content…. Its inspiring..

    Dave uk

  3. Anamaria

    Hi, very nice website, cheers!
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  4. Dave Sabel

    I’d like to buy a printer ,what kind do you use and whick one would you recommend

    1. matt

      I use some maker select v2’s a cr-10 an older delta ones I wouldn’t recommend I don’t own and ended 3 but heard lots of good things about them

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